The Salon Perfect Pedicure at Home
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In the early 1990’s, Karmen Hart was the owner of the only nail salon in her hometown of Benton, Arkansas. Over the years, Carolyn Jones was a regular customer at the salon, and the two developed a quick friendship.

At the time, Carolyn was in and out of jobs while she put herself through college. Karmen suggested that Carolyn become a nail technician and, over the next few years, she worked for or with Karmen at multiple salons, both of them owning their own separate salons along the way.

One day in 2009, Karmen was taking off her riding boots with a boot jack, and had an ingenious revelation: this same concept could work for a foot file. She made an initial prototype out of styrofoam, hot gluing a piece of sandpaper on top. She took the prototype to Carolyn who instantly knew it was an amazing concept—and a must-have product for anyone who wanted an easy, fast, and comfortable way to smooth your own feet without the hassle of a traditional foot file.

Together, they tweaked the design and applied for a patent. Over the following five years, they perfected the PediSand concept and took it to market.

During this process, Karmen was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. With determination, Karmen beat it and is now cancer-free and stronger than ever. Her battle reinvigorated her to see the PediSand through to perfection and, once fully cured, Karmen and Carolyn ramped up their efforts. In fact, Karmen’s battle is what inspired the teal color of the PediSand—the color of Ovarian Cancer Awareness.

Today, the two are passionately motivated to make the PediSand the next big thing for foot care.  

In fact, they’ve already done just that. They entered the PediSand into the QVC Sprouts Contest, a national contest for new inventions. Pedisand was picked out of over 2,000 inventions, and was invited to participate on the Today Show and QVC's Next Big Thing competition in New York City (2015). The PediSand won the Next Big Thing, voting as the best health and beauty product. The PediSand idea was born in America, made in America and launched on America's Birthday, July 4, 2015. Karmen and Carolyn are very proud to bring the world's first and best hands-free foot file, the PediSand, to you and look forward to hearing your stories about how great it works for you.




PediSand is a patented, hands free Pedi-tool technology. It’s easy to use. Simply slide one foot into the PediSand, to keep in place, then buff away with your other foot. Watch the dead skin effortlessly release from your foot. The large abrasive surface area allows you to reach all areas of the foot. The PediSand ‘hands free’ design means that you won’t get the wrist, hand or back pain that you may experience when using a traditional foot file. No more leaning over to scrub those hard to reach spots.  For the best results, use after a bath or shower.  Perfect for everyone. It is ideal for individuals who find it challenging to reach their feet.




The PediSand, is built to last. Made from a strong, durable and washable ABS plastic, it can be used again and again; it’s virtually unbreakable. The abrasive sheets last five times longer than traditional foot files. Abrasive sheets can easily be replaced with a simple peel and stick process. The replacement sheets are ready-to-use.  Our adhesive holds strong even under vigorous scrubbing or wet environments.