The Salon Perfect Pedicure at Home
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PediSand - The Ultimate Hands Free Foot File

Tired of leaning over to reach those awkward places on your feet?

PediSand helps you get the Salon perfect Pedi without lifting a finger.

Treat your feet to a salon-style pedicure from the comfort of your own home.

Scrub away those nasty calluses, dead and dry skin – hands free, even while watching TV or even surfing the web!

Unique design avoids painful wrist, hand and back pain that you may experience when using hand operated foot files.

PediSand helps you get softer, beautiful beach-ready feet in minutes. Large abrasive surface area sands away dead and dry skin effortlessly.

Avoid expensive pedicures. Save money using the PediSand. The PediSand abrasive surface has shown to last five times longer than many traditional foot files.