The Salon Perfect Pedicure at Home
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PediSand gives you effortlessly smooth feet in minutes.


Soft, Smooth Feet Made Easy.

PediSand was created by nail and foot technicians with a mission to make achieving smooth, sandal-ready feet easy and accessible.

How Does It Work?

Step 1:

We recommend using your PediSand right after a shower or bath. However, it can be used wet or dry.

Step 2:

Place one foot inside the pocket of your PediSand to hold it in place.

Step 3:

Spray your other foot with water, and gently rub it on top of your PediSand in a fast, smooth motion to remove any dead skin.

And voila! Just like that, your feet are back to the way they were intended to be: soft, smooth, and beautiful.

Why is PediSand’s Design Ideal?

  • The easy-to-use, hands-free design makes it perfect for women who are pregnant, or those who have trouble reaching their feet.
  • The contoured shape allows you to treat every curve, side and corner of your feet and toes.
  • The large surface area allows you to make your entire foot smooth in minutes. The gently abrasive texture buffs away the right amount of skin without harsh, rough or sharp edges.
  • It’s ready to use—no batteries, cords or accessories required!
  • One self-adhesive, replaceable sheet lasts 6+ months—that’s up to 5x longer than a traditional foot file.